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Noon’s Up
Eyelash Glue Clear (12PC)

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NOON’S UP Eyelash Glue Clear 0.14 fl oz 4ml – eyelash glue lash glue eyelash adhesive strip lash glue eyelashes glue ceramide waterproof water resistant

24 HOUR LONG LASTING GLUE – Formulated for extra long-lasting holding power and guaranteed to last all day long! You can rest assured that your eyelashes will stay put in perfect shape throughout the day.
WATERPROOF EYELASH GLUE – Worried about sudden rain or unwanted tears? Don’t worry. We already kept that in mind and made sure that water won’t be a problem. This glue will only come off when you want it to!
SUPER EASY TO APPLY – All you need to do is to apply glue on the prepared artificial eyelashes  and wait for about 20 seconds. It naturally blends in with your eyelashes, leaving absolutely no hint of glue behind!
100% SAFE TO USE – NOON’S UP eyelash glue have completed all laboratory safety tests for your assurance. According to test results, no harmful chemicals have been found. Most importantly, formaldehyde, a common ‘harmful’ substance found in normal eyelash glue is NOT an added ingredient in our glue.
ADVANCED CERAMIDE TECHNOLOGY – Ceramide helps reinforce skin’s moisture barrier layers and increases hydration for a youthful-looking appearance! Not only does this glue make your eyelashes beautiful, but it also makes sure that it doesn’t age the skin.

To ensure that your beauty is more natural, so that your charm can be better expressed, This is why Noon’s up beauty continues to evolve. EYELASH GLUE is ranked NO.1 for exporting eyelash glue. You can use it together with NOON’S UP EYELASH to make styling for much easier and convenient. NOON’S UP eyelash glue protects the skin with the addition of ceramide protects the skin more safely and without irritation with the lack of formaldehyde additives.