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July 13, 2021
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My Neck Mask (5 SHEET)
July 13, 2021
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My Formula
My Neck Mask Whitening (5 SHEET)



-5 sheet in a pack


My Formula_My Neck Mask Whitening is Wrinkle & Whitening Improvement Mask. The thinnest part of skin on human is neck. Thus, neck is really dry. Plus, due to that dryness, it has the fastest aging process and neck aging leads to facial aging too. And, modern people sitting in front of computers for long hours and using smart phones for many hours are prone to have more neck wrinkles. Moreover, women have been only concerned about putting makeup on their faces, so their necks are relatively dark compared to their faces.

My Formula My Neck Mask Whitening was created for this reason. Before, consumers focused on facial aging now realizes the importance of neck, but it’s very difficult to address the signs of aging already shown on neck.

My Formula My Neck Mask Whitening addresses the demerits of existing neck wrinkle & whitening masks and at the same time, delivers more efficacy, practicality, and satisfaction with a design never presented before.

My Neck Mask Whitening fits well on neck, usually a difficult part of skin to fix mask on, improving the practicality of using in daily lives. Also, the fancy design that reminds of Cleopatra gives more satisfaction to the users when using the mask. For fine lines, consumers can feel the immediate efficacy and with continued use, it can help prevent neck aging.

My Neck Mask Whitening uses Film Technology Method to help improve wrinkles. Film Technology Method means that the mask forms a film around the wrinkles and lifts with the film. Thus, it’s the most effective to stretch the sheet and spread as much as possible. Also, yeast-induced ingredients and vegetable ingredients help prevent skin aging and contain niacinamide and vitamin ingredients, which are good for skin whitening.