My Formula
My Neck Mask Whitening (5 SHEET)
July 13, 2021
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July 13, 2021
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My Formula
My Neck Mask (5 SHEET)

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-5 sheet in a pack

-The thinnest part of a person’s skin is the neck. Therefore, a person’s neck is very dry. The dryness also causes the fastest aging and the aging of the neck to lead to the face. The My Neck improves and removes neck wrinkles in 15 minutes. The My Neck has enhanced practicality by allowing users to use it in everyday life, even on relatively hard-to-follow neck areas, and with its colorful design reminiscent of Cleopatra, it doubles the satisfaction of consumers when they wear their products. Also, fine wrinkles can immediately be felt and can be used to prevent aging of the neck.